Learning Support Center

St. Joseph Elementary School appreciates and respects that all children learn at different paces, in different ways and with gifts and challenges. Sometimes, students are provided additional support from the LSC, Learning Support Coordinator, through push- in classroom services as well as pull- out and small group experiences as needed.

Resource students are provided with a guide for success through the SST, Student Success Team. This is a group comprised of the classroom teacher, parents, the LSC, and may also include the principal and any additional professionals who work with the student. This team explores the strengths and challenges of students who have been referred by their classroom teacher. The team then devises a working plan to set the student up for success in the classroom/at school.

At St. Joseph Elementary School, we want all students to succeed and grow in their learning. It is our hope and prayer to set up all students with the necessary accommodations and/or modifications to make them successful, lifelong learners.