Fee Schedule

Registered Fees:

Morning: $7.50 per hour per child
Afternoon: $7.50 per hour per child

A non-refundable registration fee of $85.00 per family is required with proper registration forms. All forms and fees are due by the first week of September. If forms are received after this date, the fee for registration will be $90.00 per family. Each family will be billed accordingly via FACTS.

As stated in the school handbook, students who are not picked up within 10 minutes of school dismissal must be placed in Extended Care. Any student checked into Extended Care by the faculty after the 10 minute dismissal period will be automatically billed. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Billing is based on whole-hour increments, with the following exception:

12:00 dismissals: Children will be checked in Extended Cared by the faculty by 12:10 pm. An hour charge will automatically be applied for the 12:10-1:00 period.

For our records and your child's safety, it is imperative that you sign IN in the mornings and OUT in the evenings. ONLY PARENTS AND AUTHORIZED ADULTS WILL BE ALLOWED TO SIGN CHILDREN OUT.

Non- Registered Fees:

Morning: $9.50 per hour per child
Afternoon: $9.50 per hour per child

For those who choose not to register in the program, drop-ins are welcome.

All Extended Care payments must be paid electronically through FACTS Management on the 20th of each month. Cash and checks are not accepted. Hours and dues will be calculated by the 5th of every month, and each FACTS account will be adjusted to withdraw on the 20th for previous months charges. If a family fails to register for Extended Care and a student is signed in as a "drop-in", the charges for the drop-in hour(s) will be automatically deducted from the families bank using their FACTS tuition account on the 20th of the month following the dates that the charges were incurred.

*** Students not picked up by the end of Extended Care (6:00 pm on most days, 4:30 pm on special days noted on the calendar, and 12:10 pm on rare days that Extended Care is not offered) will incur a $5 fee per minute per child. Please be mindful to pick up your child on time.