Registration & Requirements


A Registration Fee is charged for each student enrolled in each family and is non-refundable. The Registration Fee is payable at the time of registration. This fee covers our school’s cost for the following student-related expenses:

  • Diocesan School Department Assessment
  • Diocesan Educational Television Assessment
  • Diocesan Student Health Services Fee
  • Diocesan Student Accident Insurance Fee
  • Achievement Testing Fee
  • Diocesan Assessment for Power School Information System
  • Diocesan Technologist
  • Books and supplies
  • Emergency supplies
  • Yearbook

Parent Service Hours

Participating in the Parent Volunteer Program (PVP) provides parents and students the opportunity to be involved in the school. Parents, volunteering their time and talent, improve the school, strengthen the school community, and role model the importance of education and service for their children. Each family is required to complete 30 hours of volunteer service per school year. The Parent Volunteer Program is managed by the School Advisory Board.

Please refer to the Student Family Handbook for the school’s Service Hour policies.