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Students at St. Joseph Elementary School are strongly connected to a system of support services that assists each student in achieving the Schoolwide Learning Expectations (SLE'S). A wide variety of opportunities encourage students and staff to further individual and collective spiritual and moral development.

One way SJES furthers students' spiritual and moral development is through the Family Family program. Students are divided into groups that consist of students in grades Transitional Kindergarten through Eighth grade. As a family they participate in age-appropriate activities that increase awareness of the needs of the parish, local, and global communities as well as focus on our social/emotional curriculum. Families also celebrate weekly Mass together and engage in monthly activities that promote bonding, leadership and compassion for others. Each member in the family takes away a different learning experience. The middle school students gain leadership skills and learn to take responsibility for the younger members in their family. The younger children learn from their role models while building positive relationships.