Our Technology Center

Technology Enhances Learning

Technology at SJES goes beyond the Technology Center. St. Joseph Elementary School provides instructional methodologies to support high achievement for all students. This includes a strong emphasis of including technology in the daily learning curriculum throughout a school day.

Beginning in the 2017 school year St. Joseph implemented a 1:1 device program in grades 5-8. Technology will exist in everyday learning in all classrooms. Grades K-4 have Apple technology centers in their classroom with a Chromebook cart available for 1:1 learning at the elementary level.

Through the collaborative efforts of the Parent Teacher Group (PTG), the School Advisory Board (SAB) and the school, the tech center at Saint Joseph Elementary was redesigned during the summer of 2015 in an effort to meet the evolving demands of 21st-century learning.

The redesign of the tech center saw the acquisition of 24 new devices; 8-Mac desktops, 8 Acer-laptops, 8-Acer tablet devices, and a Hitachi Starboard. The photo editing, music, and video production programs that are standard features with the iMac support our student's desire to create, build, and design. The mobility of the laptops and tablet devices puts technology into the hands of our students wherever they are. The tables, workstations, and chairs were all selected for their ability to promote collaboration. Teachers can also reserve usage of the lab for their classes to utilize the equipment during class time.