Daily Schedule

Daily Class Schedule

Grades K-8 7:48 a.m. First Bell
Classes Begin 7:50 Final Bell
Grades K-4 9:35–9:50 Morning Recess
Grades 5-8 10:05–10:20 MTWT Morning Recess
Grades 5-8 9:50-10:05 Friday Morning Recess
Grades K-4 12:00–12:35 Lunch
Grades 5-8 12:20-12:55 MTWT Lunch
Grades 5-8 11:45-12:20 Friday Lunch
Grades K-2 1:50-2:00 p.m. Afternoon Recess
Grades K-8 3:00 p.m. MTTF
2:00 p.m. Wed.
Minimum Day 12 Noon Dismissal

Minimum days are listed on the school calendar. On these days, dismissal will be at 12:00 noon. On minimum days, Extended Care will be open from dismissal until 6:00 P.M., unless otherwise noted. Please check the calendar for the most up-to-date changes to the calendar.